Careers at Global Odeme Hizmetleri

How we got here

Too often, transferring money globally is costly, unreliable and slow. Being inspired of what we have learned so far in remittance market and of what we get from customers feedback, we can see what still needs to change the way money is sent across the globe. Global Odeme Hizmetleri is establish with the idea to build a better way of transferring money globally and our vision clearly reads enabling customers to transfer money like information move today- without border and in the blink of an eye.

How we do it

The passion, transparency, accountability, boldness and respect that our team brings together to problem solving and decision making process are the core values that support our vision. Participating together in every success story and problem solving is part of our company culture - being part of the Global Odeme Hizmetleri team is a lifestyle rather than a job.

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We have grand ambition to provide excellent money transfer service to our customers and we can only do it with the right team. We’re passionate about our work, and we look for teammates who we learn from and will drive us to work smarter, harder, faster, and more creatively. We’d love to hear from you.