Wolfsberg Principles

Global Odeme Hizmetleri operates in accordance with the Wolfsberg Principles, created by international financial institutions to provide a cohesive set of guidelines that ensure responsible and secure activity. It means Global Odeme Hizmetleri policies and procedures are designed to guarantee independent oversight for each partner and client, except of the officer in charge of that respective client. These relationships are also under continuous internal review to ensure compliance.

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Fatca Registration

For FATCA purposes, Global Odeme Hizmetleri has registered with the U.S. Internal Revenue Service (IRS). The GIIN ( Global Intermediary Identificaiton Number) assisgned to Global Odeme Hizmetleri is: JQAHGY.99999.SL.792. The country of tax of Global Odeme Hizmetleri is Turkey having the respective tax identificaiton number (V.D.) of 396 073 11 54.