As a conscious user having information about the issues mentioned below and taking your own precautions, will make you feel safer.

In order to keep the risks in the minimum level, Global Payment Services Inc. has taken all precautions that technology provides.

The green lock icon appearing in the address bar of the internet browser indicates that you may use our website Global Payment Services Inc. safely.

Global Payment Services Inc.; never sends e-mails asking customers for their passwords, requesting their personal information or asking them to be updated.

Please do not rely on any information coming through a channel except our website or our call center at +902122527777 or e-mail addresses with extension.

You may acess information, interruptions, announcements and warnings about the offered services, from our website or phone our call center at +902122527777.

Always keep the information about your money transfer transactions confidential. If you think someone is trying to defraud you, please contact with law enforcement officials and Global Ödeme Hizmetleri A.Ş.

Do not trust e-mails on other websites or without the extension. Do not use these links for access.

In case of suspicion of fraud, you should immediately call our call center at +902122527777 to report the situation.

If you lose your card or your phone, for which your SMS password has been sent, for any reason such as loss, theft or forcibly taken away, you should call our call center at +902122527777 without losing time.

You can report your complaints about problems in service procurement by calling our call center at +902122527777 or by e-mail address

Never send money to people you do not know in order to be protected by fraud and imposture.

Never share any information about money transfer transactions such as reference number, amount or reciever, with third parties.

Beware of those who demand money from you by introducing themselves as the police, prosecutor or a public official on the phone. A public official will never call you and ask you to transfer money.