About Us

Global Odeme Hizmetleri is a regulated payment institution licensed by Central Bank of Turkey and fully complying with all national and international requirements related to cross border payments and electronic transmission of funds (EFT) including Wolfsburg Payment Standards and FATCA guidance.

Under the law on “Payment and Securities Settlement Systems, Payment Services and Electronic Money Institutions” numbered 6493 which came into effect on 20/06/2013, Global Odeme Hizmetleri has status as a Payment Institution which enable to send and receive money to/from bank account, credit card or name, either domestically or internationally, in multiple currencies.

Global Odeme Hizmetleri provides customers with access to the largest independent global payment network across 6 continents for money transfer payments in a faster, safer, simpler and cost efficient in 200+ countries.

Global Odeme Hizmetleri has a sealed partnership with Turkish Post Office (PTT) and take advantage of the prominence of post offices in communities across Turkey. The Post Office network is essential to local communities, offering service that cannot be found elsewhere. The partnership refers that Global Odeme Hizmetleri customers will be able to send and receive international payments and bank account deposit at 5,000+ Post Office Service Points.

Global Odeme Hizmetleri has its own platform from where all payment operations are performed. Synchronized and liaised with our partners’ platform, Global Odeme Hizmetleri can always supply the highest level of service with speed and trust, that makes our platform unique. With the most avant-garde technology and an entrepreneurial mindset, Global Odeme Hizmetleri delivers the latest processing transaction patterns in the most user-friendly format.

Global Odeme Hizmeteleri policy is to treat each client with utmost confidentiality and aim to build relationships that last. Global Odeme Hizmetleri is part of a network of correspondent parties and other financial institutions and top banks that enable Global Odeme Hizmetleri to deliver its services flawlessly.